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Oral Hygiene for Infants

In this Blog we are going to talk about the Brushing Technique for Infants which I would say is very critical for any newborn.
In this session called Oral Hygiene for Infants, I would like to tell about the different ways and would advise the parents to take the following steps into practice.
It is recommended the parents begin cleaning the infant’s mouth when the first tooth erupts. The parent wraps a piece of cloth or a piece of gauze around the index finger and wipes the teeth and gum pads once a day. As more teeth erupt the child adjusts to the routine daily cleaning.

Brushing Techniques
Brushing Techniques

The parent can begin using a small soft-bristled toothbrush. At this age, toothpaste is not necessary as it may interfere with visibility for the patient. Additionally, the patient will be unable to effectively expectorate causing unwanted toothpaste ingestion

As more teeth erupt flossing may or may not required depending on the presence or absence of space between the teeth. The parent should stabilize an infant during oral hygiene procedure by cradling the young child with one arm while wiping the teeth and gums with the other hand.

The parent should encourage the toddler child to develop good dental habits. As more teeth erupt parent should approach the brushing system by beginning in one area of the mouth and progressing in an orderly fashion until all areas are free of plaque. This should be done with a dampened soft-bristled toothbrush. If there is contact between the teeth the parent should begin to floss the area. The parent should perform a thorough plaque removal for the child at least once a day.

The parent should stabilize the child with the knee to knee position. one parent stabilizes the child’s arm and legs while the other parent stabilizes the child’s head and accomplishes the brushing.

Oral Hygiene for Infants
Oral Hygiene-Infants

All the above Procedures will help in providing good Oral Hygiene for your Infants.

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